Rethink and Redefine the Network Simulator
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Do things right with efficiency and NS4

Elimination of Model Implementation

Thanks to P4, NS4 can define the bahavior of your network element just by inputting a P4 file. When simulatiing there is no need to learn the network simulator libraries and implement device behavior using network simulator's library any more.

Direct Migration to Hardware

Internal modules of traditional network simulators can hardly be ported to real-world networks. But this is no more a problem by introducing P4 to simulation. The P4 in simulation means the P4 in production.

Support of Programmable Data Plane

Want a protocol-independent device?
Want to simulate a online configuration of P4 target?
Want to measure the performance of P4 devices?
You need NS4. 



Differences between NS4 and ns-3, Mininet and others.

Design Overview

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Controller Model

The control plane implementation

PDP Model

Programmable DP implementation


Demo will be availabe soon.

ns-3 Integration

ns-3 Integration is under development


Under development

Source codes

Contribution is welcome.